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How Much Compensation Can You
Claim For Your Injury?

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Car crashes, car accidents and motor accidents can occur in just about any situation and on any road within Australia.

You are entitled to make a motor accident claim if you are not at fault or not entirely at fault and if some else is at fault for causing the car accident. Passengers in particular have no difficulty in making a successful claim as they are almost never at fault for causing an accident.

There are situations where both drivers are partly to blame for causing an accident and liability is often divided between them on a percentage basis entitling both to claim against each other. Get in touch with us for a FREE assesment and we’ll tell you what you could get.

Injuries caused by car, road + motor accidents


Back Pain

Neck Injuries

Your Lawyers

Roberto Clemente

Roberto has predominantly represented claimants his experience includes a two year period with Minter Ellison during which he represented the Motor Accident Commission through its claims agent, Allianz.

Christian Finocchio

Christian has worked in personal injury litigation for over 7 years and has gained extensive experience in motor vehicle accident, WorkCover, medical negligence and public liability claims.

What you could claim for

Future Losses

An estimate of losses that are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. The court will calculate this figure and then apply a discount to allow for the fact that the money is received early rather than over a period of years.

General Damages

Compensation for items that cannot be quantified precisely which must be assessed. The main item of general damages is usually damages for pain and suffering caused as a result of the injury.

Special Damages

Compensation for losses that can be calculated accurately and includes loss of earnings, travelling expenses, the cost of medical treatment, personal property and other quantifiable losses.

How to claim

To receive compensation for personal injury in a car accident claim it must be shown that someone else was negligent and was to blame for the car accident.

You can however recover a percentage of full damages even if you were partly responsible for the car accident. You can make a car accident insurance claim if it was a friend or relative, including a spouse, parent or child that caused the car accident.

Thousands of Australian’s are injured in car accidents every year however the majority do not realise that they are entitled to claim compensation.

It is the insurer who will pay the compensation.

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In order to make a car insurance claim it is necessary to prove that another person has been negligent. As indicated earlier, a claim can still be made even though both people involved in the accident have been negligent as the judge can apportion blame between both parties involved. This is known as ‘contributory negligence’.   If you would like FREE, no-obligation help and guidance from a specialist Motor Accident Lawyer, then please click here to complete your Free Online Enquiry Form.



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